Thursday, 5 June 2008

Welcome to America!!!

The final of our four flights that took us from Turkey to my parent's home in California was from Las Vegas to Reno. We'd already travelled something like 27 hours and were exhausted and tired of airports by the time they announced over the intercom that our flight was cancelled. Somewhere around 1 am we arrived at our complimantary hotel where we fell into a heap and slept the rest of the night. The next morning I awoke, took Elise with me, and wandered out to the lobby where James and Marie were already digging into the hotel breakfast.

Me: Tired and squinting at the sun, "Good morning."

James: Devouring an English muffin like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted, "Check out this breakfast! They have English muffins!!"

At this point I'd like to stop and tell you that we haven't eaten English muffins in four years.

Me: running over to the counter where a few breakfast items are arranged, and calling to James from there, "Look! Bagels... AND CREAM CHEESE!!!!"

Note: Bagels and cream cheese can't be found in Turkey.

Me: Giddy with excitement, "Oh my goodness!! A blueberry muffin!!!! And Chocolate muffins too!!! No way..." checking out one of those styrofoam trays that cheap grocery store danishes are sold on "...this is one of those danishes with the cherry jelly in the middle! Wow! This breakfast is AMAZING!!"

Note: The above said items aren't available in Turkey.

James: talking to me loudly from his table, "Jamie, check out the cereals! They have those cool little boxes of fruit loops that you can open the side of and pour milk into! And it's not box milk!!"

Me: loading up my plate with one of everything, "Wow, just wow."

At this point I looked around and noticed that the four or five other hotel guests were staring at James and I like we were from another planet, which actually made us feel pretty at home. Turks are always gawking at us.



Jess said...

This story makes me love the two of you even more!
This feels very much like a quote wall moment!

This is the story of a girl said...

Hey Jamie it's Iris ! come by and read my blog if you'd like !

btw, i'm glad your back home... may God continue to bless you and your family :) Hope 2 see u soon... take care.

This is the story of a girl said...

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