Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Vacuum Hangers

These are suction cup hooks that you can hang on the wall so you can hang stuff on the wall.

The front of the package lets me know what they are in both Turkish (Vakum Aski) and English (Vacuum Hnagers), which is really handy for me.... it makes my life easier.

It gets better. The directions for use are on the back. And they are 100% English. Follow along with me as I figure out how to hang up my hangers. . .

1. First choose the right mounting position and clean off the dust and grease on the mounting surface.

2. Like the chart shows installs when please do speak the sucker the lock catch from under upward switchroom

3. Pastes the sucker is assigning the position, the forcibly compaction sucker central position, as far as possible except internal air.

4. After the sucker compaction, downward tightens the sucker lock catch from on, then uses

Um. . . I don't know what went wrong. I was not successful at hanging my vacuum hangers, but I did successfully speak to compacted internal air on a sucker chart in the switchroom. . . so I guess that's worth something.


the Buckners said...

TOOOO funny! Love it!

Sara Holland said...

I've shared this blog entry and the one about the ketchup with so many people. I love it!!! I've always thought I could make a good living translating English around the world, especially at restaurants. Thank you so much for sharing. Please keep it up! : )

Ethnoquest said...

you should post this on :) I've never seen a post from Turkey.

Chris Panza said...

FYI: this is quite possibly the best story I've heard all year. I've been reading it to everyone I can, resulting in no end to the laughter.

Jamie and James said...

Bill, I had never heard of I went to the site and I LOVE IT! Good fun. I think I'll try to post it when I get a chance.

Sara and Kristal, so glad you liked it. I crack up every time I look at those hangers... I actually bought them just for the instructions. It was well worth the 3 lira.

Chris, we are all looking forward to seeing you. You and James will have to keep your eyes open for good "Engrish" while you're in Istanbul... I bet there are some great t-shirts in the grand bazar!

mothwick said...

Baaaahaha! So, ya... I am reading this and thinking, "Wow, one more thing that Luke and I can get pumped about for our future life in Turkey. Ridiculous English." Can't wait to show him when he gets home from work.
But seriously, I love that you seize every moment and squeeze giggles and laughs from life. I suppose it is a God given talent that makes just about anywhere feel more like home.

Margaret said...

Hmmm, looks like a potential gift for family and friends. Who wouldn't want these lovely vacuum hangers?

TnT said...

soooooo funny! what a great post!

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