Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Pazar

I went to the pazar again today... I still love it. It's such a feast for the senses. So colorful. So loud. So YUMMY... did I mention before that they are always holding out bits of tasty goodness to try as you walk around? A little section of a juicy orange. A sweet strawberry. A crisp slice of apple. A salty olive. I'm getting hungry just remembering it. Hold on... I'm going to go have a mandarin orange.

Okay, I'm back. So as I was saying, I went to the pazar this morning and took along my camera so you could enjoy it with me... well except for the tastes, sounds, and smell and feels. Is feels a word? Can I use it in that sentence?

I think these are four types of radishes. I haven't been brave enough to buy any of them because 1) I don't like radishes. 2) I'm really not sure if that's what they are... and if not, how do I use them? and 3) Black radishes? Weird.

Fruits and veggies of all kinds. . . I'm getting hungry again.

There are always these little hand made signs trying to let the pazar goers know just how amazingly good the produce is. Usually fruit says "like sugar" or "like honey," but this one, "like baklava" was new to me. Apparently this orange is sweet as a sticky piece of baklava. . . it also has a "thin skin" and is "SUPER!" And if knowledge that an orange is super doesn't make you want to buy it, what will?

More mandarin oranges than you can shake a stick at.

This guy was really excited about me taking pictures. Said I have to get a photo of his beautiful pomegranate flower.

There it is. Ain't that a beaut?! Smack dab in between the mandarins and the Asian pears. Next the pomegranate guy said he wanted copies of the pictures. He asked if I could post them on facebook. Awkward moment because. . .

Rabbit trail. Yesterday I accidently found out that someone had blocked me on facebook. Yes. Blocked me. As in I can't see you, you can't see me, we never cross facebook paths. I was a little sad. But then today I was desperately wishing for a real life face-to-face facebook "block" or even "ignore" button. Because, no offense pomegranate guy who I just met and probably wont ever see again except when I really want a ruby red juicy pomegranate, but I don't really want to be facebook friends with you, and it's awkward telling you that to your face.

Dried fruits and nuts.

An assortment of freshly baked breads. . . Am I the only one who suddenly wants a bagel? Too bad I can't get them in Turkey. But I can get bazlama. Take that bagel eaters!

And see those square tins. They're full of homemade cheese. It's good too! Kind of feta-ish. I bought a bag full.

Saving the best for last. . . OLIVES!
This woman lives along the Mediterranean. She and her family grow and make olives and olive oil (the two bottles on the bottom right are full of homemade olive oil). She's not a regular at the pazar, but came today to sell her olivey goodness. And apparently she also makes stuffed cabbage leaves, since that's what her grandson is eating for lunch. Yummy, yummy, and yummy.


TnT said...

i'm drooling. I'm coming to visit you.

Jamie and James said...

Come!! We'll go to the pazar and take a trip somewhere fun like the mediterranean - the beach, sunshine, fresh olives, plus yummy food and with you guys to enjoy it all with, it'll be WONDERFUL!

the Buckners said...

Your pazar looks way cooler than mine. Ours smells funny, and the samples people hand out don't look very sanitary.

Melody makes home-made bagels...I've never tried making them myself but hers are delicious!

Looked up some recipes...this looked easy enough and got good reviews...let's try!!

Jamie and James said...

Kristal, I'm up for trying bagels. . . although it would be easier if Melody would just give me some of hers:-) I used to avoid the samples, you know, unwashed fruit from unwashed hands. But then one day I decided to just dive in and go for it. Haven't gotten sick yet, and I enjoy taking the little slice of this or that fruit off of the giant knives the guys always seem to have.

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