Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I can't really speak Turkish...

The other day I was watching a video of two friends singing.  Isik was singing the lead part (what is that called? the melody?) and Linda was singing the second part (I believe that's called the harmony?)

Linda was doing a wonderful job and I commented to Isik (who was watching the video with me), Wow!  Linda really does that pee pee sound well!
I said cheesh sesi (pee pee sound) rather than cheeft sesi (two-person sound.) 

 These are the embarrassing types of things that happen to me everyday.  On one hand they make me feel like an idiot.  On the other hand they make me fun, funny, and popular.  And they provide my friends with good stories to go home with.

It's not that I don't know those words, it's just that when operating in a second lanuage my brain gets twisted up and mushy and tired and begins to resemble overcooked spaghetti.  And when that happens strange things slip out of my mouth.


Ethnoquest said...

I have a friend who kept swearing up and down to a Japanese officemate that she ate raw humans (nama ningen).

She really meant raw carrots (nama ninjin), but because Japanese don't typically eat raw carrots, she didn't realize her coworker's protests were because of a language error!


Ethnoquest said...

Oh, and apparently to my language tutor, almost every mistake I make in Arabic is some sort of sexual reference.

Thankfully, no women have slapped me yet!

Jamie and James said...

Bill, isn't it amazing how many language mistakes are sexual references? That happens to us too! I don't know if there are just more of them on this side of the world or what.

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