Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I keep my milk in the pantry.

This is milk.
My thoughts and observations in no particular order...
1.  This milk's expiration date is June 29, 2008!!  (Wow!  That's my 31st birthday... what a strange coincidence.)
2.  Until that time I can keep it anywhere - in the pantry, on a shelf, in the hot sun, in the bathroom... well, maybe not in the bathroom.
3. It tastes, um, not exactly like milk.
4.  It took some getting used to.
5.  James loves the stuff.
6.  This kind of milk is much easier to come by around here than the fresher variety we drank when we lived in California.
7.  Most Turkish mothers serve it to their children  at room temperature (bleck!)  With honey.
8.  Many Turkish kids' baby teeth rot out before they would naturally fall out.  Hmmmmm... too much honey milk??
9.  After I open it I have to keep it in the refrigerator.
10.  This kind of milk was the main ingredient in the chocolate milk shake we drank recently.
11.  Does milk that lasts for months and months with no refrigeration seem strange and wrong to anyone other than me?


Anonymous said...

I've tried that kind of ultra-pasteurized milk already, and it's terrible. On a trip to Canada we saw that they sell milk in plastic bags! Yes, gallon plastic bags, which I know I'd break before I got it home. Your blog is great! I look forward to reading your posts.

Jamie and James said...

Milk in plastic bags!? How do you use that? Does everybody have a milk container at home that they pour them into? Strange how the same product changes so much from country to country.

Anonymous said...

I think they sold a special plastic pitcher to hold the milk in the bag. If I remember correctly, the bag even had a spout on it, with a screw on lid. I still think I'd break my bag.

Abbie said...

We have that yummy boxed milk that lasts for months here as well. I think most of ours is imported from Australia. Remember the days of drinking the milk that Momma had to skim. :-) Oh the good old days. Jars of milk. Farm direct. No skimming needed for these boxes.

A few years ago when I first arrived in the Phil. I looked for months and months for milk. I thought to myself this country is crazy how can they not have milk? But store after store I was foiled. Then one day by total after I had given up I saw these boxes on the wall that looked like they might have milk in them. Low and behold. Milk you don't have to refrigerate. It was amazing. So after 6 months of searching I found them..... The box milk that lasts forever. My search was over and now i could keep the same box for months. I was a happy man.

the Buckners said...

Jamie...can I just cut and paste this blog to post on my site?! (minus the parts about James) This milk has really grown on me...though I can't drink it plain. It must have chocolate or accompany a cereal!

Jamie and James said...

Kristal, glad you like the milk. I was finally getting kind of used to it but now that I'm back in the States I'm pretty sure I'm gonna hate it again when we go back. Don't worry, if you ever copy and paste, I wont sue you for plaigerism (if that's even how you spell it!). I know the legal costs would probably be higher than the amount I could get out of you. ;-)

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