Monday, 17 March 2008

The travel bed and some nagging questions.

This baby travel bed was bought around 12 years ago here in Turkey.  It was handed down and handed down and handed down from family to family until it eventually ended up with us.  It's been great to have around.  We use it whenever we go out of town and currently have it set up in our house so that Marie (who is sick with a cold and waking up a lot) won't wake up her big sister during the night (they usually share the same room).  The problem is that whenever I look at it I get a bit uncomfortable.  I mean I'm grateful to have it and all, but there are a few questions that haunt me whenever we get it out.

1. What?
2.  If this is the picture of the "Sweet Kid," what does the mean and violent kid look like?
3.  What is that green x on the sweet kid's face?  A cross?  Bandages from his most recent knife fight?  A tattoo?
4.  READY... It's OK! Ready for what?  What's okay?  
5.  Did the creators of this pack and play actually know English when they wrote these phrases on the side of it?
6. Will my daughters have any long lasting negative effects from waking up in the morning and seeing a violent looking sweet kid standing by their heads?
7.  Does this seem strange to anyone but me?

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james giles said...

I can't stop from laughing - out loud. Now I understand now - those formative years in their sweet mean bed is why our little sweeties are so mean sometimes :)

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