Monday, 11 February 2008

Being mistaken for a basketball player

Turks can be so much fun.  They are so curious.  Unlike your average American, your average Turk has no problem talking to perfect strangers and asking them about their life.  It's pretty easy to meet lots and lots of people and get to know them a bit even while you're just minding your own business.  Because we are foreigners, James and I get stopped all the time and end up explaining who we are, where we came from, where we live, what we do, how long we've been in Turkey, why we don't dress our children warm enough, if we eat pork, what we think of President Bush, and approximately 13.4 billion other things that people want to know about us. 

Yesterday at the market a sweet woman asked me if Elise and Marie were twins.  I explained that Marie is 7 months old and Elise is 3 years (but let's not go there).  Noticing my accent she said, "You're not from around here are you?"  She then went on to ask 67,489 other questions, and finally asked if I live in the building next door to the market.  

When I told her I didn't live there she responded, "Oh, I think I mistook you for another American who lives there.  You're a lot like her.  She's black and plays for a women's basketball team."

Say what? I mean, my skin color is no where near black and I certainly don't look like I'm in any kind of shape to play basketball for more than 5 minutes without falling over dead.  I guess sometimes it's just hard to tell foreigners apart?

And about this basketball player girl, ever since I first heard about her I've really wanted to meet her.  I've been told she lives nearby and I even ended up a basketball game that she was playing in once.  Here is why I want to meet her:  1.  It's just fun to talk to my fellow Americans face to face once in awhile.  2.  Apparently she looks like me : )  So basketball girl, are you out there?  Are you reading this?  I'm your identical twin, separated at birth!  Let's be reunited after all these years!


Brian and Jen said...

Hey guys! Love your blog and love seeing the Turkey pics! Ekmek fabrikasis and lamacun (I forget how to spell it) I miss Turkey... maybe we can come visit you some day. Brian's never been. You're welcome to come to Hawaii when you're home! :)

nana margaret said...

Well, Turks are creative. Those are a couple of red-hot conversation starters. "Are your children twins?" or "Are you that black American basketball player that lives in that nearby apartment building?" I wonder how much thinking went into those. Imagine what she told her neighbors when she got to her own apartment. No doubt that she met a famous black American basketball star and her blonde twin daughters at the mall. And neither of the adorable (must be a growth problem!?) children were adequately dressed for the outing. ;)

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