Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Goin' to the city!

Have I mentioned yet that we’re  going to the big city, Ankara, this weekend?   Ankara is the capital of Turkey.  We lived there for one year.  It’s crowded and busy and dirty and full.  We took hour long bus rides regularly to get from one place to another (this is really frustrating when those destinations would only take 5-10 minutes by car.) After only that one year, we were sick of the smog and the business, and ready to leave, but now that we’ve been away for almost 3 years, well I don’t know... maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder?  Here’s a list of the things I hope I get to do while we’re in Ankara.  These are things that I can’t normally do.

1.  Go to Starbucks.  This is always on the top of my list.  I (like thousands and thousands of other Americans) LOVE Starbucks.  I don't drink coffee but I do drink the creamy sweet deliciousness that seems to only come in Starbucks cups.  There is a very special reason why I like Starbucks, and why my love for it has grown exponentially since we've been to Turkey, and here it is: everywhere in the entire world Starbucks is the same.  It’s decorated the same, has the same yummy drinks, plays the same music.  Starbucks feels like America. Starbucks smells like America.  Starbucks tastes like America.  And that makes me LOVE it.   And no matter what country I'm in, if I go to Starbucks when I'm about half way through my caramel macciato I end up standing up in the middle of the restaurant and belting out God Bless America... but I digress, as well as grossly exaggerate.  

2. Talk with my fellow Americans.  There is an international church in Ankara and it is just chalk full of people who speak English!  Do you know how amazingly fun it is to have conversations in your first language? Oh the depth and the breadth in communicating I can have that I just don’t get in Turkish!  Oh, to understand - fully - what the people around me are saying!  

The end.

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