Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Reunited, and it feels so good!

James and I have had a long sweet relationship with each other.  James and I have also had a long and sweet relationship with doughnuts.  December 2000 James showed up at my house for a Christmas party.  That's when our eyes first met and our hearts first went pitter pat pat.  My roommates and I had plans of going to a Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop after our party.  We invited James and his friends to go with us, but alas the party lasted until the wee hours of the morning and the trip never happened.   But I remember it clearly,  doughnuts were discussed that first time we met.

James and I started dating. A few months later while sitting and eating that melt in your mouth goodness that is a Krispy Kreme doughnut, James asked me to be his girlfriend. Doughnuts made that beautiful memory possible for us.

Our first year of marriage we celebrated what we affectionately call "doughnut day."  The apartment complex we lived in provided doughnuts for everyone on the first Saturday of the month, the day rent was due.  I think the intention was that all the tenants could gather in the common area then mingle over doughnuts.  That first Saturday James and I got up early and sat around that common area ready to meet our neighbors but we found that the other tenants, mostly college students, wandered in with sleepy eyes, dropped off their checks, grabbed a half full box of doughnuts, and went back home.  So we thought, "Hey, when in Rome..."  After that we would drop off our rent check and come home with a box filled with delicious sugar coated rings of goodness.  We'd eat a few, go back to sleep, wake up, eat more doughnuts, then go to sleep again, or sit and read, or sometimes wander down to the Farmer's Market.  And after that... we'd eat more doughnuts!  I think sometimes we ate nothing but doughnuts the whole day, because when you're 25, have Saturdays off, and have no children you can do that! 

On September 29, 2004 we kissed our families and our doughnuts goodbye, got on a plane and headed off to Turkey.  Turkey does not have doughnuts.  I repeat, Turkey does not have doughnuts.   Do you feel sorry for me yet??  Because I feel sorry for me.  And I miss doughnuts.
So why am I dredging up all this sad history?  Yesterday we went to Andrea's house and found that she had been busy.  Very very busy.

Making doughnuts!!!  

People, let me tell you, making doughnuts from scratch is no simple thing.  But desperate times call for desperate measures and we're desperate around here!  Desperate for doughnuts
 Hello Gorgeous, good to see you again.  How about you and I get re-acquainted?

James and I have been singing Andrea's praises ever since.  We are soooo happy to have been reunited with our old friend, the doughnut. Andrea even wrapped some up for us to take home.  Can you believe she didn't keep them all for herself?!  Now that's the true measure of friendship.

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Abbie said...

Man we have it easy here we even have donuts. We even have Crispy Cream. Yumm.

Love you guys I wish we could get a donut together.

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