Monday, 4 February 2008

Superbowl Monday

Since we're 10 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, we can't exactly have a regular Sunday afternoon Superbowl party.  If you subscribe to the right TV channel (which our friends do), you can watch the game live at 1 am Monday morning or you can watch a re-run later that day.  All of us (except Cindy) chose the latter.  We went to Henry and Cindy's around 10 am Monday morning for a day of fun, food, and of course football.
While James and Henry were glued to the screen and making all those football watching noises (OOOOH! NOOOOO! AY! YAPMA, YA!!) that you'd expect to hear coming from guys enjoying a good game (or at least American guys in Turkey watching a good game), Cindy, Andrea, and I were in the kitchen cooking up a delicious bountiful American Superbowl feast. Since I can care less about football and can care more (is that even an expression?!) about yummy food, Superbowl Monday for me was just an excuse to be together with friends and make and eat treats.  And boy did we!!!
Along with these delicious hogie sandwiches we had spinach and artichoke dip, chips and fresh salsa, veggies with blue cheese(!) dressing, and buffalo wings!  Mmmmm-mmmm good!

We interrupt Superbowl Monday to bring you...
As I was making the blue cheese dressing, I had to chuckle at the labels on the mayo bottles.  This Mayonaise bottle says "Eat lots and lots of mayonaise." Does that seem strange to anyone but me?  Well thanks, mayonaise bottle, I intend to do just that.... hmmmm, if only I had more ideas for how to use mayonaise.

Oh look!  This other mayo bottle has a picture of someone dipping their french fries in mayo.  Thanks mayonaise bottle for the serving suggestion!  

These are the little things about living here that bring a smile to my face.  But what I really smile about is...
Yummy Superbowl Monday!!!!

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