Saturday, 9 February 2008

Squatty Potty

So, this is a Turkish toilet (aka squatty potty).  This particular one is in our home.  Please take note of a few things about our Turkish toilet...
1.  The bathroom slippers.  Every home has a Turkish toilet and every Turkish toilet has a pair of plastic slippers that you wear upon entering.  You don't want your bare feet to stand on that toilet edge, and you don't want your regular house slippers to accidently get wet.  
2.  The plastic blue pitcher.  Every Turkish toilet also has a little pitcher beside it.  The idea is that you fill up the pitcher with water then use that to wash yourself off after you do your business (now those plastic slippers are starting to make sense).
3.  A lack of toilet paper... actually ours has toilet paper, you just can't see it.  But many don't.  Why?  Because of that blue bucket... and your left hand.  That's how you clean yourself up.  A friend told me a statistic - the average Turkish home goes through only 7 rolls of toilet paper a year.  Most of those are used to dry off hands after hands wipe... um ... you know. 

Once an American friend here told me about a Turk he knew who went to America.  When he was asked what the hardest thing about living in America was, his honest answer was the bathroom system.  Americans just have toilet paper, there is no way to get your hands all wet and get that squeaky clean feeling that only a good wash gives you.  

I'd say the same about living in Turkey.  The bathroom system is quite an adjustment.  I've learned to tuck some kleenex into my pocket whenever I go anywhere because I don't want to be stuck doing what it takes to get that squeaky clean feeling (believe me, that's no fun... but that's another story!)

"Sins I've Committed... Part 3" is coming soon.  Check back to find out the sin I committed in the Turkish toilet!


Jess said...

I remember these in China but I never knew all the details of how they were supposed to be used. A bide(sp?) seems to make more sense now but I'm not sure that I could ever really make that squeaky clean adjustment either.

nana margaret said...

Advantages of Turkish toilets--never a worry about seat up or seat down. Clean the bathroom with a power sprayer instead of dirty gloves, scrub brushes, sponges, and a spray bottle. Builds strong femur muscles, no more time wasted doing deep knee bends!

Robert Freeman said...

Makes you wish for the three seashells from Demolition Man. :)

Byron E said...

These are more healthy for you than the western sitting versions! In fact, toddlers squat to poo poo as a natural habit before we "teach" them to sit unnaturally on a toilet! Check out the link: for a good history lesson on how mankind transitioned to sitting on the pot instead of squatting.

These are very common in older Italian houses and many resturants in Italia. I can say one definitely has a more "finished" movement on one of these, and keeps you fit as well! Long live the squatty potty!!!!

Anonymous said...

better still if a baby or little girl use's it I will gladly lick her pussy clean

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