Saturday, 23 February 2008

I'm a horrible mother.

Here's a picture I took of Elise a few days ago.  This picture highlights all, well, two of the reasons I am a bad mother.  Do you know why?  I am doing two things that no Turkish mother would ever ever never not-in-one-million-years do.  Never.  
Do you have any idea what those two things are?  Make your best guess and I'll fill you in on the answer later.


TnT said...

okay- it has something to do with elise not wearing any shoes and dripping Popsicle all over herself.

nana margaret said...

My goodness! Get some shoes on that poor child! Is she eating something cold in the winter? Are you out of your mind. It'll probably stunt her growth, and she'll no doubt catch a very bad cold or at least get the flu because of such negligence. How can you be so thoughtless!

Ethnoquest said...

Apparently, there is a name for a special kind of stomach ache that people get on cold days here in Lebanon.

Our language teachers were quite surprised that we don't get them in the States, and have not yet here either... :)

Do they have this illness in Turkey too?

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