Monday, 11 February 2008

What do you call that?

When we first came to Turkey we were kind of like new babies being born into a different culture.  We couldn't talk to people, we didn't know anything about the public transportation system so we couldn't really get around.  People looked at us and could easily categorize who we were: American foreigners.  Slowly, like a baby, we began talking, or more accurately, we began using a mixture of words and motions to make our desires known to people.  I think we probably sounded kind of like Tarzan, "I Jamie.  I Turkish learn. You me talk."  We looked stupid, we felt silly, but we got our points across.  Then after much time and effort we've gotten to where we are now.  We hold conversations with people, but we make lots of language mistakes.  We get everywhere we want to go, but along the way we make cultural blunders like eating while walking.  People certainly don't think of us as Turks.   They also don't think of us as Americans.  Afterall, Americans don't know Turkish.  Americans don't cook Turkish food, watch Turkish sit-coms, or play soccer.  I think now many people look at us and say to themselves, "That's certainly not Turkish, but it's not exactly American either.  What do you call that?"  

It's kind of like... it's kind of like... well, it's kind of like this:

After months of sending Marie to a prestigious crawling academy, just yesterday she finally showed us what she's got!  And I have to say we're a bit confused by the results.  It's not crawling.  Crawling involves two hands and two knees.  What Marie is demonstrating involves two hands, one knee, and one foot.  Just like Turks probably ask themselves about James and I, we're asking ourselves, "What is that?"  The best I can come up with is "Three limbed scootch."  Can you come up with anything?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think Marie is doing (and if you think the money we spent on the crawling academy was worth the result). If you have any idea, you can also let us know what you think we are (Americish? Turkican?)   Because we really want to know.


cem said...

boot scooting baby

mogi said...

The problem is that you think she's trying to crawl. She's actually working on her break dancing skills.

Abbie said...

You could call this blog....
We were babies but now we crawl...
Or just plan
cutest baby..

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