Sunday, 3 February 2008

Happy Birthday Elise

Happy Birthday Elise!!

You came out of my womb and into the world three years ago.  You were born 10 time zones away from the place your parents still call home.   The first language you heard was Turkish from the doctors and nurses, followed quickly by English.  Even though you're an American citizen, you have yet to actually live in the United States.  You've flown internationally more times in your short life than I had by the time I was 25!  You live in a tall building and ride an elevator to and from your home daily.  You usually speak English but throw Turkish in now and then too.  The things that we think are crazy about life overseas are simply normalcy to you.  You've seen some amazing things in your 3 years... I think you'll turn out to be a very special woman.  You're already a unique and special little girl.  I'm glad you surprised us by coming when we weren't planning you!   Happy Birthday Elise!!!


nana margaret said...

Happy birthday, Elise! Wow, you are 3 years old. I remember when your Baba called us on the telephone and told us that you were born. We were so surprised and happy to hear that you were doing fine. We came to see you just 10 days later. We got in the airplane and came half way around the world just so we could hold you and hug you. Now you are 3 and you will be coming to see us in just a few months. You can sing and run and jump and dance. You help Mommy cook and you help Baba work on the truck! We love you so much. Nana and Grampa

Anonymous said...

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